Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My First Audio Book Review

Death of a Maid (Hamish Macbeth, #23)

Death of a Maid (Hamish Macbeth Mystery #23) 

by M.C. Beaton

Product Description:
Armed with a bucket and mop, Mrs. Gillespie brings misery into the quiet life of Hamish Macbeth when he wins her maid services in a church raffle. He fears she's more likely to snoop than clean, since rumor has it that she damages more items than she dusts.

Yet Macbeth has more upsetting issues to ponder-his former girlfriend, reporter Elspeth Grant, is back in the village for a holiday with her new boyfriend. Then he gets notice that a TV crew plans a documentary on him. Its airing is sure to get him a promotion and transfer to the city-and Hamish Macbeth would rather be boiled in oil than leave the serenity of Lochdubh.

Though lately Macbeth's seeing the squabbling of seagulls and feeling an ill wind coming. Sure enough, Mrs. Gillespie is soon found dead under suspicious circumstances. And as he investigates the case, Elspeth's presence torments the red-haired bobby and drives him to foolish antics. But what should really preoccupy Macbeth are the town's hidden secrets-ones that will force a killer to lash out in deadly, irrevocable acts.

My Review:

This was my first experience with Audio Books, and I'm so delighted!  The narrator, Graeme Malcolm, provides a Scottish brogue that just brings this novel to life that would otherwise be lost in reading!  As we join Hamish Macbeth on his search for clues in the murder of  Mrs. Gillespie, we're taken on a journey through the Scottish Highlands filled with unexpected twists and turnsThe Death of a Maid has a very well-developed plot and one that is not so easy to predict...a plus in any mystery!  This has been a truly enjoyable experience and I look forward to listening to more audio books soon.  My overall rating for this is a FOUR.  Stop by your library today and grab an audio copy today!

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  3. Haven't yet tried much in the way of audio books. I can't get into them the way I can a good read. I keep trying through. Thanks for the review.

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  5. I've never heard of this author, but the book sounds really good. I've tried audio book before and have had a hard time with them. I prefer regular books any day.

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  6. New follower and I will definitely be watching for the giveaway. I'm an audible listener junkie!!! I listen to and from work and it make traffic MORE than bearable. Found you through Follow Me Chickadee.


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  10. This sounds like a great cozy mystery, although I admit that I'm not a huge fan of most audiobooks; I think that the narration is probably even more important than the actual book content!

  11. First time I'm seeing or hearing of this author but it look like a great book to be read.

    I honestly like what you did to your blog Kimberly. Soon I'll begin my reading right after exams in 3 weeks :)

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  13. My mom turned me onto audiobooks. I never thought I'd be able to pay attention to someone "reading to me", but I have to admit, I love it. I get TWICE as much reading done and don't have to listen to the same songs over and over and over again in the car!
    Enjoy your blog...we have a bit in common (I'm also surviving the teen years...and special needs)!!

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  16. I keep telling myself I need to have an audio book on whilst ironing. I will get there one day.

    I have read only one MC Beaton.

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  17. love, love, love audio books. i used to have a 65 mile (one way) commute to and from work and became a huge fan of audio books... you'll come to realize the narrator makes all the difference in the world... if i didn't like their voice, i couldn't make it through the book.

    i'm a horribly inconsistent reader that aspires to read more... just started pride & prejudice recently. hoping to find some inspiration from your blog:) i'll be following!


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